SIC TURISMO SRL Is Italy Tourism Bureau reception Chinese citizens ADS The tourist group appointed travel agency, Italy Tourism Association official CLUBITALIA Members. As SIC The core enterprise group company, SIC TURISMO SRL (Jake International Travel Agency) in the years of development and expansion, the company's business by a single group of European business arrangements for official reception, transformed into a set of business organization, Chinese citizens of the European tour reception, VIP Special arrangements for special missions and activities for a variety of business combination. The company formed a stable and unique operating characteristics, the success of tourism, travel product promotion, vehicle leasing, business integration. Has established good cooperative relations with China, Southeast Asian and European countries counterparts, the formation of the quality of service chain, more effective, efficient, and provide a full range of customer service.Business Overview The major European countries provide for all European travel groups ADS Group travel invitations and provide high-quality, high-grade ground service, for VIP The group provides a full range of the best quality service, the most intimate (Deluxe Tour bus, excellent Traders Hotel, experienced professional tour guide, national flavor meal)For a single reservation service (buffet Hotel, ticket booking vehicles, etc.)Ticket booking (plane, train, ship, performance, game etc.)Provide quality ground for business meetings and travel (International Organization of large and medium-sized exchanges, business negotiations, professional language translation, site arrangement, venue layout, news interview, service personnel, to discuss personnel to provide the best quality service of transportation, accommodation and meals)To assist the association, enterprises and government departments to conduct business, business invitationOrganize large-scale exhibition promotion activities, booking booth, exhibition team arrangement, professional language translationRome headquarters: (see map)VIA OSTIENSE 30, 00154 ROMA, ITALIAP.I.06575701005Tel: +39 0665678289Fax: +39 0665671855+39 0665197610Beijing: (see map)5 Float,No 100 Dengshikou Street,Dongcheng District,BeijingTel: 0086 10 85144300Fax: 0086 10 85144399Shanghai (see map) Room 519,Guanghua Building Noth Building, No.868, Maotai Road, Chang ning District, Shanghai Tel: 0086 21 80198195
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